Warning Signs

Looking to the election in which we’ll be participating in just a matter of weeks, I can’t help but wonder if generations before us have contemplated decisions like this with just as much weight. I’ve voted in every presidential election since 1988. It’s always big. Like most people, I have studied the issues, looked at the candidate’s character and how his decisions match against his claims, and spent time just listening and watching. But this time it seems different. Whereas in the past I felt like I could make the wrong decision, now I feel like I could make a dramatically wrong decision. It feels like there’s a lot more riding on this one. We are a country far from unified. In fact, all indications are that we’re completely polarized.

One of the questions I’m asking is, “Who will unify us?” So this time I’ve decided to look at more than what we’ve come to know as faith-based issues. For my vote, I’m thinking bigger. I’m thinking about which of these candidates is going to help me and my family during the circumstances we’re currently in. Or, maybe better put, who will create the best environment for us to succeed. And generally speaking, most Americans want to give. Given this, one of the ways to address world poverty is creating a healthier economy here. World poverty is not the responsibility of our government–which receives its power from the consent of the governed. Now that’s American. I’ll be looking to stay away from the bells and pepper spray smell. This time I’m earnestly looking to be inspired.


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