We All Have a Story

imagesThe path to spiritual healing is a journey with many twists and turns. It took me years to even begin the journey to understanding things like redemption and healing, woundedness and how God calls us into the place of deepest pain for restoration. Although I’m still very early in my own pilgrimage, I’ve concluded this journey to be one of the centerpieces of life. We would all do well to remember that there is an enemy; there is a battle. There is a fight for your heart. The enemy is real. The ammo is live. The stakes are high.

Ultimate and final redemption can be ours. But we’ve got to be willing to re-open our own stories, examine the vows we’ve made and the lies we’ve believed, and take our most difficult questions to our own hearts and to God. One of my favorite writers said, “Be kind to everyone for we are all in a great battle.”


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