I’ve been told, “Always pay attention to what moves you.” Whether it’s a movie like Good Will Hunting or a line from a great song, I have learned to listen for what’s really going on. A song that I just cannot get enough of: Sugarland‘s “Love” from their newest release, Love on the Inside. Rhetorical question after rhetorical question. Ultimately it is Love; and there can be no other answer. It’s as if they had 1 Corinthians 13:13 in mind all along … “But now abide faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.” In a world full of emotions that emerge from the deepest corners of our being, it certainly is love. Truly, art imitating life.

Is it the face of a child?
Is it the thrill of danger?
Is it the kidness we see in the eyes of a stranger?
Is is more than faith?
Is is more than hope?
Is is waiting for us at the end of our rope

I say, it’s love
I say, it’s love

Is it the one you call home?
Is it the Holy Land?
Is is standing right here holding your hand?
Is it just like the movies?
Is it rice and white lace?
Is it the feeling I get when I wake to your face?

Is it the first summer storm?
Is it the colors of fall?
Is it having so little
And yet having it all?
Is it one in a million?
Is it a change to belong?
Is it standing right here singing this song?

Is it a veil or a cross?
Is it the poet’s gift?
Is it the face that has launched over thousands of ships?

Is it making you laugh?
Is it letting you cry?
Is it where we believe that we go when we die?
Is it how you were made?
Is it your mother’s ghost?
Is it the wish that I’m wishing for you life, for your life, for your life the most?


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