An Interesting Response to Ted Haggard

2Read this post addressing the Ted Haggard crisis earlier today while doing some research. If you’ll recall, Haggard is the former pastor of a large church in the Colorado Spring area that remains surrounded in controversy. I wouldn’t want to call any additional to Ted and what he has done, hasn’t done, or might have done, I would call attention to the lack of neat and tied-off ends in a situation like this. Reality isn’t sterile and we certainly don’t exist in a vacuum—and I don’t even know if I would want to. In the world we live in there just aren’t enough formulas to go around. When the answers themselves are insufficient, what we’re left with are the people in the room. All of us. Our souls. We all bring our stories with us. And most of us are pretty much in the same boat, one way or another.

Although the tone in the post might be a little irreverent it does surface some interesting questions. Issues like hypocrisy, forgiveness, and restoration come front and center. These are messy issues—at least they should be. We should wrestle with these big words as major stake holders of the human condition. One of the questions—”What does a spiritual restoration process look like?”—takes a particularly prominent seat in the post itself as well as the many comments that readers have left. Read it here.


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