It’s Oprah’s Universe?

universe1I read a recent article on Oprah Winfrey. (Did you guys know that she is crazy?) Apparently Oprah has bought into a lot of the new and non-traditional approaches to modern medicine. That in and of itself isn’t so bad. But what is so bad, I couldn’t help but conclude reading the article, is how the army of Oprah followers hangs on her every bit of would-be wisdom and advice. I guess everyone is searching.

We’re like that errant missile in The Hunt for Red October that’s just looking for something to lock onto. The most likely candidates come in the various distractions available to us: celebrity, television, fantasy, food, sports, recreation. There was an instance in my high school physics class when the teacher pointed to his desk and said, “Theoretically, I could cut this desk in half, then cut that in half, then cut that in half … for infinity.” What he was saying is that, yes, the universe is infinitely big. But there is also a reality that suggests the converse: we can also go infinitely smaller. I recall my revelation upon realizing that infinity not only stretches outward, but also inward. That is, we have an infinity within ourselves. So what? So maybe there’s more to find in our own stories than what we realize. Maybe God reveals more to us deep within the “me” of each one of us. Here’s a passage from a book called Soul Cravings that fits here:

We are all searching for ourselves, trying to understand who we are, hoping that we might discover our unique place in this world. We are all sojourners on a common quest.

A film called 21 Grams has a narrative that revolves around the value of a human life. Its lead-in refers to a phenomenon that happens at the time of our death.

“They say we all lose 21 grams at the exact moment of our death … everyone. The weight of a stack of nickels, the weight of a chocolate bar, the weight of a hummingbird.”

The question posed is simple yet profound: “How much does life weigh?” The implication, of course, is that what is lost in the twenty one grams is the human spirit, that there is more to us than simply flesh and blood. So let me put my cards on the table: I believe you are more than water and dust. At your core you are a spiritual being of infinite value. To be human is a gift. You are created by God, and you have immeasurable value to him.

Jesus once said that the kingdom of God is within us. Yet most of us don’t even bother to explore the possibility that this might be true. It seems that what he is implying is that we have a better chance of finding God in the universe within us than in the one that surrounds us.


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