“Theology” of Michael Jackson

michael_jacksonThere’s much to say here. And we have, really, no right in being surprised at the wake created in Michael Jackson’s sudden departure from our world. Although I owned Thriller and pretty much wore it out in the early 1980s, it was Destiny and Off the Wall that were my favorites. While it’s very easy to dismiss the madness surrounding Jackson with a wave of the hand and choose to acknowledge only the “freak” that emerged through the last years with increasingly greater prominence, the reality is that there is more to be considered.

Novelist Graham Greene once wrote, “We’d forgive everything if we had the whole story.” The point is that our formation remains invisible to most of the world. No one can be certain what one’s heart has learned and believed; how the same heart has been lied to and how we have coped with our environments. Michael Jackson had the means to take pain avoidance to an extreme level. I have to ask myself how far I would take my own desire to avoid the pain inherent in my own story with virtually unlimited resources. One of my favorite blogs, The Other Jesus, has posted “A Few Thoughts on MJ and Heaven” that addresses this dynamic with quite a bit more substance. You can read it by clicking here.


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