So You Think You Can Dance Celebrates 100th Episode


Tonight marks the 100th show for Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” Five years ago I never would have thought SYTYCD would have amounted to anything but a niche production with a small, but loyal, band of followers that would quickly move in and then out of the public’s consciousness. But here we are at the 100 episode and new prime time contract for the first fall season.

Contestants have moved on to choreography roles, feature film, and slots on “Dancing With The Stars.” As if that’s not indicative of it’s success, just last week Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas performed on the show and tonight Mrs. Tom Cruise herself, Katie Holmes, will be performing. With its diversity in culture, range of disciplines, talent and heart—it’s an entertainment spectacle.

It’s only natural to compare “So You Think You Can Dance?” to “American Idol” since they share producers, viewer participation, and formats. But where as “Idol” has settled as fixture popular culture, “SYTYCD” has found a way to perpetuate an art form. Whereas the “Idol” judges seem to bend toward performance, SYTYCD judges demonstrate a sincerity sadly lacking today. Whereas “Idol” fans tend to be stirred more by the proverbial train wreck, “SYTYCD” fans sense something more profound in the celebration of life and the human spirit. And there’s a lot to be said for the potential for youth and an undaunted spirit to inspire. (Dancers seem to me to be the happiest people on earth.)

We absolutely do not miss it at our house. To celebrate the 100th episode, tonight they’ll be showing several of the 11 Emmy-nominated routines from the past 3 seasons. Give it a shot. There’s something to be gleaned from these artists.


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