The Government Is Us

Sanity-check at The Other Jesus—one of the blogs I will read on occasion. The latest post is in response to the tragedy in Austin, TX. The title of the post at TOJ is “Hating Ourselves.” My thoughts were similar at hearing the news: He did this for what? It is possible to become so bent on our politics and interests that we lose sight of the American vision. Read the post by clicking here.

Here is a part of Greg’s post:

I know that there is a lot of anger out there about taxes, health care, immigration policies, and a whole lot of other stuff. Believe it or not, I have been known to feel things ranging from exasperation to anger about our country and the way it is led—or not led. But when we come to the point of killing ourselves or employees of our government, I think it’s way past time that we looked at what government is and does and recognize this fact:

Our government is us.


One thought on “The Government Is Us

  1. I agree; we are the government. But lately it sometimes feels like those “we” have elected to represent us choose to push policy that serves THEIR personal purpose and agenda.

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