LOST in 3 Minutes

Of course the Lost finale aired over the weekend. Even though the finale didn’t answer all the questions that annoyed me so much for Seasons 2 and 3 and part of Season 4, the finale was the greatest television finale I can remember. I was far from disappointed. Found this explanation at youtube and it makes sense to me. I’ve been with the show for all six seasons (never really thought of myself as a sci-fi type, but I’m thinking that’s just another instance of mistaken identity on my behalf.) There are so many layers to the show and that’s exactly what made it so much fun for me. There was depth and spirituality, but in the final analysis it was and will remain a character-driven television show. In fact, despite all the plot twists, endless questions, mysteries, strange Dharma goings-on and electromagnetism, Lost was a show about community and discovering purpose. That is, perhaps, the greatest irony of them all.


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