Game On! iPhone vs Android

So here we go. In August, according to a recent article, Google announced that it was activating 200,000 Android phones each day. Furthermore, Android has leapt past Apple to become the biggest smart-phone platform in the United States. And finally, analysts project that by 2014 Android will have 25 percent market share in smart phones, more than double Apple’s 11 percent share. More than double the iPhone! Get out of here!

Now I don’t think iPhone users care much about these statistics. After all, Apple has become in some ways the ultimate anti-establishment statement in the technological world—at least where consumers are concerned. And with the iPad, iPod, and iPhone running full throttle, I don’t think Apple is by any means sounding any alarms. But this is still interesting to me.

I’ve been a Mac user for more than a decade—both at home and at work. We love our Macs—all 4 of them plus the 2 at the office. Apple is one of three brands to which I’m loyal (the other two are DirecTV and Jeep). But I’ll admit that there’s always been something a little unsettling where the iPhone is concerned. Even though I’m not completely sure, I think it might be because iPhone users are not always Mac users. Being a purist (and if Agonistes is anything, he’s a purist) it bothers me when PC users whip out their iPhones—and you can spot a PC user from a mile away. The PC-user-posing-as-the-Mac-user is the technological equivalent of your mother or father trying a little too hard to be cool in front of your friends. Thus the iPhone, at least to me, has become a bit of a “fallen” technology.

And so this brings me to my recent decision to buy a Droid. Here I am, once a person known to stop the DVR fast forward in order to watch the most recent Justin Long vs PC commercial, making the calculated decision to join the Droid revolution. Even though the Droid is now statistically the mainstream, it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s easy to use, very powerful, and carries the added “Hey, I don’t have to use AT&T!” bonus. And I remain ever the purist, even if only in a sort-of rebellious, anti-establishment way. But what about when Google releases its version of the iPad powered by Android technology, rumored to be before Christmas? All bets are off.


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