Agonistes on Mt. Oxford, Buena Vista CO

Agonistes on Mt. Oxford, Buena Vista CO

Born in south Georgia, raised in western Kentucky, I am a student of the south … its culture, language, and pathos. Product of a single-parent home, the rural life and sylvan settings of my adolescence allowed much time for meditation while my home encouraged me to take my deepest questions to God and to my own heart. I am agonistes. I am the wrestler. Follow me on twitter @bcdaniel.


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  1. I just have to comment on your picture above because I lived in Buena Vista, CO for two years Though I am blanking on which peak was Mt. Oxford. Clearly I need to look at my map again. Not too many people know about Buena Vista.

    • Oxford is hidden back in there behind Harvard. We hiked in, set up base camp, and summitted Belford before making the traverse over to Oxford. Agonistes loves BV.

  2. After commenting on your “Playlist” blog, I checked out your homepage. I was right — I definitely have to subscribe! Great book recommendations; I’ve never met anyone else who would list Absalom! Absalom! I love Faulkner, and that one was my fave. I even took it to the beach one year — a little light reading. 😉

    I still regret having missed Vonnegut in my youth, but have added Slaughterhouse-Five to my queue. In fact, I just blogged about that ridiculous ban in Missouri, so that title is fresh on my mind.

    Hope I got set up correctly with NetworkedBlogs; never tried that before. Thanks!

    • Used to, when life got a little what I call “close” I would go to Vonnegut (and sometimes John Irving) as a reminder that it’s not as serious as it seems. Breakfast of Champions and Water-Method Man were standards. But I also love The Hotel New Hampshire (with all due respect to The Great Gatspy, THNH might be a better ending.) There’s a moment in Slaughter-House Five in which the author calls his main character, Billy Pilgrim, and hangs up on him. I’ve always thought to be, in some strange way, Vonnegut’s penultimate message. Thanks for comment.

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