2008 Golden Globes Nominations Announced

golden-globe-awardsThe 2008 Golden Globe nominations are in and you see them all here. The awards show is scheduled to be shown January 11 on NBC, 8:00-11:00 EST. Although I haven’t seen all these movies I won’t let that stop me from making  predictions nonetheless:

Best Motion Picture, Drama: With all the respect that is due to the art inherent in films like Doubt and The Revolutionary Road, I’ve got to go with the most thought-provoking nomination: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s a throw-back sort of movie that won’t as much attention at Oscar time but seems like a good fit for the Golden Globe crowd.

Best Actor, Drama: I think Mickey Rourke has this one in the bag for his once-in-a-lifetime performance in The Wrestler. Pitt just isn’t memorable enough while fellow noms DiCaprio and Penn are too much “been there done that.”

Best Actress, Drama: Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married. I haven’t seen this one but I’ll take my chances. Streep is always good and will always be a force during awards season but the Hathaway train is coming through.

Best Director: A tough one this year, I think. Fincher has done a masterful job in creating The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s just a beautiful movie–even if it does ring similar to Forrest Gump. But The Revolutionary Road sounds a lot like American Beauty. Danny Boyle could be the surprise pick while Ron Howard is always strong, but I’m going to go with the guy that directed my favorite for Best Drama: David Fincher.

Best Screenplay: I think this one will be between Doubt and Slumdog Millionaire … and I’ll go with Simon Beaufoy and Slumdog.

Best Supporting Actor: When you look at the list who sticks out—Cruise, Downey Jr, Fiennes, Hoffman, and Ledger. Yes I think the same thing. Heath Ledger was brilliant as The Joker. He took a comic villain and didn’t just make him scary, but gave him substance and depth. No one was sympathetic to his character (or were they?), yet when he was in the scene you knew something big was going on. Ledger would  win here regardless, but I think even the Academy will nominate him in the same category in a few weeks.

Best Supporting Actress: I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how great Viola Davis is in Doubt, but she’s only in the movie for one scene and I think that’ll hurt. But her performance, albeit brief, will also hurt Amy Adams‘ chances for the same movie, same category. So who is left? I’ll go with Kate Winslet in The Reader.


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